A Disability Advocate, also known as a Non-attorney representation is a specially trained individual who represents those applying for Social Security disability benefits. Disability advocacy is one of the fastest growing occupations in America. An advocate can earn up to $6000 for each successful case he/she represents. This field offers outstanding compensation, direct-pay certification, can be practiced from home or office, full or part-time, in all fifty states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. We provide training, software, certification prep, marketing and support to those entering this unique professional service.

Introduction to Disability Advocacy

Disability advocacy has existed for many decades buried within the Code of Federal Regulations. This fact alone places this service head-and-shoulders above any so-called business opportunity. This service can be offered by anyone who meets SSA’s basic qualifications:

A) High school education or higher
B) No felony convictions
C) Not previously barred from practice
D) Training – Have the knowledge required to win cases

If you meet the first three of these standards, we provide the rest. So what makes disability advocacy so desirable to customers? Let’s start with demand:

Have you ever tried to enter a service only to discover that there are impossible barriers to your participation?  Not in this field!  Disability advocacy is open to all American citizens and can be practiced without a special license in all fifty states.  You do not need to be a lawyer or paralegal to practice.  However, those with degrees will find this service to be especially inviting with the added benefit of quick certification and direct payments from SSA.

Income Potential The fees earned by advocates are extremely generous and baked into the adjudicative process.  Advocates are paid up to 25% of a client’s back benefits with a maximum fee of $6000 per case.  Within our course, we’ll show you how this practice works and we’ll introduce you to additional advocate income streams built into your Olivia case management software.

Employment –  Disability advocacy is a unique skill that employers are willing to pay for. Considering the financial worth of each case, the demand for trained advocates should not be surprising.  Professional advocacy services are finding it hard to locate qualified advocates and will pay substantial wages to retain them.  If you are interested in disability advocacy as a means to employment, consider taking our less expensive staff advocate program.

Self-employmentAre you a college graduate or professional finding it hard to locate employment paying a wage you deserve?  Then consider subsidizing your income by offering a professional service from home.  Everything you need to successfully offer this service is contained within our most popular training packages.

Credibility – Disability advocacy was created by Congress and is administered by the Social Security Administration. This means that all of the incredible benefits attributed to this service can be verified via the Code of Federal Regulations.

Advocate Certification – Although the non-attorney representation of disability claims has existing for decades, commercial disability advocacy is just getting started.  In fact, official certification for disability advocates is less than five years old.  If you have a degree, you can be certified with as little as one year of field experience.

If you do not have a degree, you will need at least two years of field experience before sitting for the certification exam. Don’t worry, our course is specifically designed to prepare you for the SSA certification exam. Please also note that certification is optional and does not prevent you from practicing this service.

SSA certification is also described as the direct payment program. Certified advocates are paid directly from SSA eliminating the need to bill the client. Certification is an important privilege that is earned with field experience and testing. Our training and examination prep software is specifically designed to help you prepare for this valuable certification regardless of background or experience.

Course Length – Disability Associates is the oldest and most experienced advocate training source in America. Your training, software, and support are provided by prior Social Security professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the field. Your course is comprehensive, cloud-based, self-paced and can be accessed 24/7. This approach enables you to complete your training within a matter of weeks if you desire.

Unique Curriculum

Disability Associates offers a unique advocate training curriculum that addresses every aspect of this unique service.

a) Advocate Training – We provide a comprehensive course covering every aspect of case representation on three adjudicative levels. Our course also prepares you for formal certification.

b) Advocate Operations – It can take years to learn the proper procedures required to operate a successful advocacy service. Our course provides detailed operational procedures that deliver step-by-step actions leading to an efficient and profitable service.

c) Advocate Marketing – You can’t operate a successful advocacy service from home or office without customers! It is in marketing that we truly distinguish ourselves from all other training sources. Yes, we do provide traditional market training. But the world is changing quickly and most of us can no longer afford to buy advertising. We provide a unique marketing approach that requires no upfront fees and eliminates the need to pay for online marketing.

d) Case Management – Even if you only accept a single case each month, you will still need a way to organize and control the case. We provide this capability in the form of our exclusive Olivia Prime case management software. Olivia is not only powerful, it will also cut your workload by 40% or more.

e) Mentor-based Support – Our mentor support service is nothing short of incredible. Each student is assigned an experienced mentor that will personally assist you in every aspect of your service from picking the right clients to collecting your fees.

f) Business Focused – At some point in your advocate career, you are going to want to start your own service. Even our most basic course provides you with the business and operational tools you’ll need to succeed as an independent advocacy service. We also provide you with the knowledge, insights and an instant case processing infrastructure in the form of our exclusive Olivia case management software.

We are the Innovators

Disability Associates is responsible for ninety-percent of the operational innovations currently being used in this field. We also create solutions that enable more participation by those with differing areas of expertise. For example, evaluating medical evidence is a key function of a disability advocate. But, not everyone is a medical professional. We solved this access barrier problem by creating a unique evidence review technique that solves this built-in barrier.

Case Processing Time is another barrier to success in the minds of many new advocates. Even with our unique operational approaches, it can still take up to six months to process and be paid for a case. We created an effective solution to this problem and built it directly into our system. With our approach, you can generate additional income even as you market and process cases. This dynamic new income-producing approach to advocacy is only available from Disability Associates.

Which Training Package is Right for you? 

Beginner – The least expensive package for learning the basics of disability representation would be the Solo Training Program.

Beginner Staff– Novice seeking employment as an advocate. We recommend the Staff Advocate Training Program.

Business – Novice seeking to start an advocacy service on a shoe-string budget, we recommend the Basic training package with Olivia Basic software. You can purchase this option with a (single) payment or 12 (monthly) payment subscription.

Business w Advanced Software – For the novice seeking to start an advocacy service who also wants the built-in advantages of our powerful Olivia Prime case management software, we recommend the Ultimate training package with Olivia Prime. You can purchase this option with a (single) payment or with our 12 (monthly) payment subscription.

Business w Software and Mentorship – For a complete novice seeking to start an advocacy service, who also wants close supervision in all aspects of this business; we highly recommend our Mentor support package. There are two Mentor-based support package options. The (single payment) package or the 12 payment (monthly subscription) package.

Business All Inclusive – For a complete novice seeking to start an advocacy service, who wants to maximize your chance of success, we highly recommend our (All-Inclusive) package. This package comes complete training course, one year Mentor-based support, one year of access to our Certification Prep program and the Primer II software.  Contains everything you need from training, case management and preparation for the optional SSA Certification Exam.

Certification – Preparing for certification only. We recommend our exclusive Cert Prep Training Course which includes our exclusive Primer II testing software.

Get Started Today! – Our packages contain everything you need to start and operate a successful Social Security disability advocacy service from home or office. Click below to see all available training options:

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