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Social Security

Disability Advocate Training

A Disability Advocate represents those applying for Social Security disability benefits. This unassuming service is one of the fastest growing business services in America.  It's the only service created by Congress and listed in the Federal Code.  You cannot learn this service by visiting an SSA website.  We provide everything you need to succeed from comprehensive training to
free customer solicitation.  We'll teach you how to efficiently process cases by phone, mail, Internet or in-person, full or part-time, earning up to $6000 per case!  You can start your service from home or office within weeks of taking our course.  Step away from traditional employment and take a serious look at the Gov's best-kept income generating secret.  The SSA Disability Advocate!  Learn more...

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Your New Advocate Career


The Social Security disability market is enormous and is located in every city in America. This year alone, 2.8 million individuals will apply for disability benefits with an additional million seeking appeals. Social Security predicts a continuation of this upward trend for many years to come. I'm sure you've seen commercials offering this service by both attorney and non-attorney advocate firms.  There's a good reason why these firms are offering this service.  It's extremely profitable!  In a good economy there's a steady flow of SSA disability applicants.  In a bad economy, the number of applicants can significantly increase.  Either way, the market continues to expand.  Most SSA offices have a backlog of cases and our aging fleet of advocates can no longer handle the demand. Our training program represents your opportunity to enter this service and reap the incredible rewards.   


Is Disability Advocacy Right for You?

Start for as little as $83.00 per month

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With more than 28 years of representational experience, Disability Associates is uniquely qualified to train you in this field.  We have discovered that these categories of people are most likely to succeed in this service:

  • Existing Service Businesses - If you already operate a service business, adding disability advocacy can significantly boost your income stream.  We offer an All-Inclusive package that will enable you to incorporate this service into your existing enterprise within weeks.  We provide your entire advocate infrastructure saving you the headaches, time and expense of building your own!

  • Entrepreneurs - Your energy and creativity coupled with our knowledge and support, will enable you to create the next great national advocacy service.  For entrepreneurs, we recommend the Ultimate Training Package, Olivia Prime Software and our dynamic One-on-One Mentor-based Support.

  • Prior SSA Professionals - Your prior knowledge and experience with Social Security coupled with our unique Training and unique operational techniques, will enable you to generate profit in record time.

  • Middle Managers - Over the past ten years, high paying middle-management jobs have all but disappeared.  Those managers finding new employment are working at much lower salaries.  Disability advocacy enables you to use your management skills to earn the income you deserve.  Payment Plans available!

  • Retired Professionals - Earning additional income from home can significantly improve your quality of life in retirement.  Consider becoming a disability advocate and accept as few or as many cases as you desire. 

Other advocate success categories are those with generic college degrees, medical, legal, human services, vocational rehabilitation, non-profits, elder-care, medical billing, medical records and many, many more.  If you fall into any of these categories, you need to take a serious look at this exciting opportunity.


To maximize you chance for success, you need ongoing training. We address this issue with our assigned mentor program.  Each student will be assigned an experienced certified mentor for one-on-one support lasting one full year. Your mentor will help you with every aspect of your new service from how to process a case to collecting your fee.  We also use mentor-based support to help existing businesses who want to add disability advocacy to their product-line.  Couple all this with our new Lead Generation Service and you've got everything you need to succeed!
Best Advocate Training

Our self-paced Consolidated training program enables you to train like an adult! Your materials are available 24/7 enabling you can complete the course on your schedule.

Best Advocate Software

Success as a disability advocate is largely determined by outstanding customer service, operational efficiency and case outcome.  Olivia Prime.

Best Student Support

No classroom can provide you with the intense level of support provided by our one-on-one Mentor-based support program for a period of one full year.

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Our course is the "Rosetta Stone" of advocate training programs. Our unique curriculum, proprietary techniques, smart technology, continuing education and one-on-one mentor-based support, provides everything you need to succeed in this field.  And talk about affordability!  You can enter this field for as little as $83.00 per month.  If your goal is to earn an outstanding income, add, start, improve, merge or expand a disability advocacy service from home or office, our Ultimate advocate training program is the right course for you. Get Started!


Free Advocate Training

Purchase a three year subscription to our Olivia Prime case management software and get the new 10 Module
Ultimate training program FREE!  A $989.00 Value! Click Here.


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