Turn-Key Business Opportunity Demystified

What makes a turn-key business opportunity truly turn-key?  In the world of commerce, the term “turn-key” indicates or implies a product or service that is ready for immediate commercial exploitation.  By this definition, there are few business opportunities available to the American marketplace that can match the field of Social Security disability advocacy. 

A disability advocate represents those applying for Social Security disability benefits.  This opportunity is perfect for professionals, college graduates and businesses looking to add a new service to an existing enterprise.  Disability advocacy can be performed from virtually any location with Internet access.   With the advent of mobile marketing, it’s becoming easier to attract and communicate with customers.  There are also multiple SSA offices in all fifty States giving each advocate direct access to the system.     

Despite the strong commercial potential of non-attorney representation, there is no guarantee of success. To improve your chances for success, you need to access a proven training and operational infrastructure.  Disability Associates delivers such an infrastructure within our disability advocate business and training program. 

We have spent years developing unique operational techniques for disability advocates.  These techniques have produced advocates capable of winning 95% plus of the case they represent. We have also created custom software for advocates.  Our software is designed to reduce the amount of time spent processing cases.  Many of our time saving techniques are built within our Olivia software, making your adaptation to these procedures that much easier. 

While there are many ways to acquire training as a disability advocate, there is only one Disability Associates.  Take a closer look at our Ultimate training program and avail yourself with the most successful advocate training program in America.

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