The Key to Advocate Business Success

Have you ever wondered how to start a business as a Social Security disability advocate?  With more than 25 years of advocate operational experience, Disability Associates knew the key to advocate business success! That key is operational efficiency, also known as (day-to-day business practices). How you practice determines your efficiency which in turn determines the success of your advocacy service.  Without focused operational efficiency as part of your day-to-day practices, your chances of success as a disability advocate are significantly reduced.

Operational efficiency is so important that we have incorporated it into every aspect of our advocate training program.  In the next several issues of this Advocate Business Forum newsletter, we will discuss specific techniques designed to bring greater ease and efficiency to your service.  We will show you how our advocate training and Olivia software work hand-in-hand to enable you to offer a superior advocacy service.  We will begin with the advocate case interview process.

As a practicing disability advocate, your first interaction with a potential client gives you the opportunity to perform a case interview. The purpose of a case interview is to determine the viability of a case before accepting it for representation. For instance, you’ve just received a call from a potential client. The client indicates that he is seriously ill and thinking of applying for Social Security disability benefits. It is at this point that you begin the case interview process starting with the extraction of client contact information.

The initial client interview like all other actions taken on behalf of a client must be performed in the most efficient way possible. An efficient advocate does not want to waste time on cases that cannot be won. The interview process is made more efficient by quickly extracting the types of information that would lead you to quickly reject a case.  Here is how it is done within our system:

Each student of our advocate training program is given a copy of our exclusive Olivia case management software. Within the Olivia software is a segment called Client Interview. This client interview segment contains all of the critical questions you need to quickly interview a case. Think of it!  As a new advocate, you no longer have to guess what to ask the client during an initial interview. The questions are structured and built right inside of your Olivia software. To access the Olivia software Client Interview page, click the “Add New Client” button. It’s just that simple!

The Client Interview page is usually completed on first client contact.  However, you can also start an interview and return later to complete it. The Olivia Interview data is used with all other tools within the software providing a single input solution to data entry. The client data collected during the interview will provide clues to the strength and viability of the case.  Important issues like the client’s age, onset date of impairment, work status and primary diagnosis  are collected during the initial interview.  An initial interview can usually be performed in less than ten minutes.  If there are no issues leading you to reject the case after the initial interview, then you move on to the case assessment process.

Performing a quick client interview before an assessment enables you to identify problems faster for greater overall efficiency.  For example, if you quickly determine during the interview that the client is still working at SGA with no special consideration, you can immediately reject the case. There would be no need to waste time performing a more detailed assessment.  If the case appears viable on interview, there is a way to make sure! Our method of making sure that a case is viable is called the case assessment process.  In our next issue, we’ll discuss the assessment process and how it is used to bring greater ease and efficiency to the process of representing a Social Security disability claim.

If you’d like to learn more about our Disability Advocate business opportunity, visit our website by clicking here.  Learn about our exclusive Olivia case management software by clicking here.  See you next issue!


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