Nothing frustrates me more than to contact a company online for help and then wait two or three days to receive the wrong answer.  I especially hate online Chat support where there’s no one to chat with, ticket support that disappears into cyberspace and phone support where you’re on hold for an hour.

Disability Associates enables you to avoid all this drama by providing you with quick and reliable access to support during normal working hours.  You can actually speak to a real live person!  This convenient live support feature alone makes us the most reliable advocate training source in the industry.

Standard Support Services

We offer two levels of support.  Our Standard support is provided free with your Ultimate training program during your one year membership period.  Standard support is primarily Internet and e-mail based.  However, our policy is to never refuse support to any student in need.  If you request our help on any issue related to disability advocacy, we’ll be there to help!

With Disability Associates, you can count on easy to reach, easy to use, focused and reliable customer service when you need it most.

 Mentor-based Support

Our extraordinary Mentor-based support system provides you with one-on-one support with an assigned advocate.  This level of support actually enables our staff to get to know you and your specific circumstance.  This close relationship can help you succeed by assisting you in quickly overcome those inevitable hurdles that occur in all new business vestures.

Even experienced advocates who take our course find the Mentor support service to be well worth the investment.  We strongly recommend our Mentor Support system to anyone who is new to the business of disability representation.  Order Now!