We don’t just create advocates, we create superstar CEOs!

In our thirty plus years in the field of Social Security disability advocacy, we have created many advocate superstars for this industry.  Our latest CEO Superstar is former student and Olivia software user Kim Thrower.  Ms. Thrower has recently received the Trebor 2016 CEO of the Year award from the White-house for her work in the field of Social Security Disability Advocacy. What is really remarkable is that Ms. Thrower has been able to achieve this performance level in less than three years.

Ms. Thrower serves as both the founder and CEO of Essential Relief Support Services, LLC (ERSS).  ERSS was created to assist individuals who have been denied SSA disability benefits.  Her passion is advocating for individuals while challenging Social Security to obtain the benefits her clients deserve. Congratulations Ms. Thrower for a job will done!

Gabriel Scott CEO
Disability Associates, Inc.