Starting an Advocacy Business

What you need to start an advocacy service

We get lots of questions from folks interested in starting a disability advocacy service. One of the most common questions is “what does it take to get started”.  You’ll be happy to know that one of the most outstanding aspects of the advocacy business is its low entry price.

The least expensive approach to starting a new business is of course the home office.  In this article we will assume that you are starting your advocacy service from home. As part of your advocate training, we provide you with access to our Advocate Business Resource Center (ABRC).  The ABRC is designed to answer your business related questions.  The ABRC will help you to make important business decisions.

The ABRC covers everything from what type of business entity to become to short-term hiring and liability insurance.  The ABRC is included at no additional costs within your Ultimate advocate training package.

In this report, I’ll list several of the basic materials you’ll need to activate your advocacy service.  Some of you will already have many of these elements in your possession.   

Location – Home Office
Computer or Computer/Tablet Hybrid
Business Website
Mobile Website
Business email account
High Speed Internet
Filing Cabinet
Desk and Fixtures
Dedicated Business Phone
Basic marketing budget

There are of course many other considerations when starting a new business.  Creating an abbreviated business plan will help you to identify these subtle issues.  As your advocate trainer, we will provide you with all of the required reference materials, software (back-office) and the knowledge you’ll need for a successful enterprise.

While there are many ways to acquire training as a disability advocate, only with Disability Associates will you learn the best business and operational procedures available. Take a closer look at our Ultimate training program and avail yourself with the most successful advocate training program in America

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