No Medical Background? Not a Problem!

As a practicing disability advocate, you must prove that a claimant is totally disabled in order to win the case.  To accomplish this, you use the applicant’s medical evidence.  Without the ability to properly review medical evidence, you don’t stand a chance in this field.  Until now, the ability to review medical evidence has been a skill reserved for medical professionals.  This can be major barrier to otherwise talented people who want to enter this field.  Well now there’s a practical solution!  It’s called Key-Point Extraction.

No Medical Education Required

Created by our medical professionals here at Disability Associates, Key-Point Extract enables you to quickly and easily review a client’s medical evidence no matter how complicated the case.  It is based on the principle that there are consistencies within medical evidence that are easily identifiable.  These consistencies can be used to cut through the noise an extract only that needed to win your case. 

This remarkable technique eliminates the need for a medical background, medical terminology or any understanding of a particular disease state.  Key-Point Extraction can be learned in a matter of hours and will provide greater ease and efficiency to your advocacy service.

Here is How it Works?

After years of reviewing evidence, we discovered a series of patterns that literally jump off the page in every case.  We identified these patterns and used them to develop this exclusive technique.  It is so efficient that it can cut hours of work off the time it takes to process a disability case.  Key-Point Extract will enable you to review medical evidence with incredible speed and extreme confidence.  Anyone regardless of background can learn this process within a matter of hours.   

Key-Point Extraction has proven to be so effective that we had to share it with our students.  This exclusive training program is part of your Ultimate training package at no additional charge.  Don’t settle for ordinary advocate training, order your Ultimate advocate training program today!   New training packages now available.

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