Integrated Advocate Business Platform

A fully integrated advocate business platform is one that combines training, business, software, marketing and support into a single system.  We’ve even gone one better by adding an easy method for our students to earn income as they train.  Our exclusive integrated training system will bring greater ease and efficiency to the business of disability advocacy. 

Comprehensive advocate training.

After years of work, we are finally able to bring together all of the remarkable systems that make up our exclusive advocate business and training program.  We’re often asked, “How do you differ from other trainers?”  As you know, all trainers are responsible for delivering the advocate basics.Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than the basics to succeed in this business.  We differ from all other training sources because we provide the total package.  A fully integrated system that moves you from the basics to a fully operational advocacy service ready to win cases.

The diagram below demonstrates how some of our integrated advocate system works.

Our Integrated business, training, software and support system.

Within our new 10 Module training platform, we provide the highest level of basic advocate education. We teach you the fundamentals of case representation on three adjudicative levels.  Speaking of fundamentals!

Congratulations to student Ms. Kim Suiter.  Despite our recommendation that a student not take the SSA certification test in the first year, after just three months of taking our course, she scored a 94% on the Direct pay examination.  Well Done!

For those of you without a medical background, we also provide an exclusive program called Key-Point Extraction.  Key-Point is exclusive to our program.  It enables you to extract key evidence from complicated medical records without the need for medical terminology.  Yes, key-point extraction is a remarkable technique and is just one of the dozens of unique features within our system.    

Our training program teaches you how to operate an advocacy service in the real-world.  You’ll learn the hands-on daily operational stuff like set-up, equipment, marketing, materials and more.  Then you enter the customer interaction phase were you’ll learn how to interview, assess, develop, evaluate, write arguments and interact with SSA.  

As you’re learning the business, you’re also learning how to use our fully integrated Olivia Prime case management software.  Olivia is the only software you’ll need to control all aspects of your advocacy service.  Olivia’s many features can also be integrated into your traditional and mobile websites.  Olivia also contains a dynamic built-in marketing structure that will enable you to capture customer data and use it in future marketing campaigns.     

If you’re seeking a fully integrated approach to the field of Social Security disability advocacy, our Ultimate advocate business and training program is the right choice for you!  Don’t delay, get started today!

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