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A Member’s Masterpiece in Progress

Many advocate professionals ask what makes Olivia Prime different from all other Social Security case management software on the market?  The easiest way to answer this question is with the Olivia slogan. “Olivia Prime is the only SSA case management

No Medical Background? Not a Problem!

As a practicing disability advocate, you must prove that a claimant is totally disabled in order to win the case.  To accomplish this, you use the applicant’s medical evidence.  Without the ability to properly review medical evidence, you don’t stand

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Integrated Advocate Business Platform

A fully integrated advocate business platform is one that combines training, business, software, marketing and support into a single system.  We’ve even gone one better by adding an easy method for our students to earn income as they train.  Our

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Starting an Advocacy Business

What you need to start an advocacy service We get lots of questions from folks interested in starting a disability advocacy service. One of the most common questions is “what does it take to get started”.  You’ll be happy to

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Turn-Key Business Opportunity Demystified

What makes a turn-key business opportunity truly turn-key?  In the world of commerce, the term “turn-key” indicates or implies a product or service that is ready for immediate commercial exploitation.  By this definition, there are few business opportunities available to

Understanding the Applicant

The key to success as a disability advocate is understanding the customer.  There are few companies in the advocacy industry that understand the Social Security applicant market like we do. We’ve spent more than twenty-six years serving this vast and

The Key to Advocate Business Success

Have you ever wondered how to start a business as a Social Security disability advocate?  With more than 25 years of advocate operational experience, Disability Associates knew the key to advocate business success! That key is operational efficiency, also known

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