A Member’s Masterpiece in Progress

Building Success Together!

Many advocate professionals ask what makes Olivia Prime different from all other Social Security case management software on the market?  The easiest way to answer this question is with the Olivia slogan.

“Olivia Prime is the only SSA case management software by disability advocates for disability advocates.”  This has made all the difference!  Olivia Prime is a powerful collective effort created by those who actually practice in this field.

Every segment, tool and capability built into Olivia was suggested by a professional disability advocate.  These professionals wanted case processing tools that deliver greater ease and efficiency to the disability process.   There suggestions guided the creation of exclusive case processing tools like the auto vocational analyzer, Argument Composer and built-in App-based marketing.

Olivia prime is now approaching its third year of service.  In that time, we have made tremendous improvements to the system.  Many of our improvements were as a direct result of suggestions made by our subscribers.

If you are a current user of our Olivia Prime software, we want to hear from you.  If you have a suggestion on how to improve any part of Olivia, we want to encourage you to let us know.   Our over-paid programmers are standing by to build whatever it is you need.  Make a suggestion.  If we feel that your idea will improve Olivia for all users, we will create the improvement in your name.

If an improvement results in a new product, you will be given free access to the product.  You’ll also receive a monthly 10% payment for each new product sold for as long as you remain an Olivia user.

Our open policy of sharing the wealth for suggestions will help improve Olivia and perhaps even your button-line.  Give Olivia a try.  Take the Olivia free trial today!

For additional information about this software, visit the Olivia Blog.


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