Understanding the Applicant

The key to success as a disability advocate is understanding the customer.  There are few companies in the advocacy industry that understand the Social Security applicant market like we do. We’ve spent more than twenty-six years serving this vast and diverse community and we share this knowledge with each and every student of our advocacy program.

Those of you with business experience are already aware of the importance of understanding your market.  Regardless of the business you enter, having little or no understanding of your customer base will act to hasten the destruction of your new business.  Understanding your market will make growing your business as natural and relaxing as watering flowers on a beautiful spring morning.

I’ve discovered several basic truths about SSA disability applicants that every advocate should know.  By just being aware of these important customer characteristics will make promoting your service a breeze.  I discuss a just of the basic customer characteristics below.  I cover many more in my advocate training program.

Treat every customer with respect!

A person applying for SSA disability benefits is not who or what you might think.  Many of those entering this field have a preconceived notion about what kind of person applies for SSA disability benefits.  I admit that when I started, I began with more than my share of customer stereotypes.  In the beginning, this actually hurt my company.  I quickly learned to deal with people as they really are instead of how I might envision them.  This simple little lesson has brought me great reward both financially and spiritually.

Be Professionally Compassionate

I’m not sure who wrote this but “life is a tragedy executed in slow motion”.  Don’t become personally involved beyond the duties of your profession.  Too stressful!  By recognizing that your customers are living an uncomfortable piece of their life’s tragedy will help you form the advocate power value called patients.  Customers love those who take the time to lessen to their story.  Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to do this!

Create the proper case strategy

Once you have the facts of a case, inform the customer in simple terms of your beginning strategy.  This might involve telling them that you need more evidence or that you see a way that we might win the case.  Don’t be specific and never promise a won!  Keep in mind at all times that you are a professional advocate not a scam artist.  Never promise what you can’t deliver.

Within my training program, we take the time to teach you about the applicant so that you’ll enter this industry with a higher degree of confidence. Our marketing program includes your assigned mentor.  During your first market debriefing with your mentor, he/she will provide you with a copy of our new Mentor’s Guide to Advocate Marketing. This manual will significantly improve your ability to attract numerous customers.

If you’re serious about becoming a successful disability advocate, our training, software and support program will help you reach this goal. Like no other training program on the market, our program is based on more than twenty-six years of direct field experience. We teach you what you must know to enter, operate and prosper as a professional Social Security Disability Advocate.  Order your program today!

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